About Us

Our Story 

Trunk Works was founded when we, both moms to kindergarteners then, realized that we brought back bags of games for our kids whenever we travelled. We couldn't really find what we were sometimes looking for. That's when we started developing games that targeted specific skill sets along with being fun and engaging for the kids.
Each Trunk Works game has a unique story behind it's development. "Story Time" one of our best sellers, was actually designed because a school wanted to make good manners a part of everyday routine along with increasing fluency in spoken English. 
It's been a journey full of learning and growing and we are still getting started! Exciting times are ahead!


We, Trunk Works, design and publish fun high quality games. Our core values are:
    - Skill Set Based Design
    - Fun for the Whole Family
    - Gender Neutral
    - Safety First
    - High Quality Components
    - Affordable Products