About Us

Our Story 

Welcome to Trunk Works, where innovation meets playtime. An Indian games company started in 2016 by Saloni and Manini, Trunk Works was born out of a shared passion for providing age-appropriate and skill-driven edutainment options for children.

Both Saloni and Manini hold engineering degrees from prestigious institutions in the USA and have gained invaluable exposure through their extensive travels before returning to their roots in India.

Trunk Works was conceived when they encountered a common challenge: the absence of captivating and intellectually stimulating Indian games for their own children. Their dissatisfaction prompted them to explore unique games during their international journeys, leading them to recognize the immense potential awaiting exploration.

Motivated, they meticulously researched games that not only entertain but also nurture vital skills and developmental growth in children. Each Trunk Works game boasts a unique story behind its creation.

Trunk Works believes in offering more than mere toys; the goal is to provide immersive experiences that ignite creativity, inspire imagination, promote lifelong learning, and foster family bonds.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we push the boundaries of edutainment for children of all ages.

Where can you find us?

We are available in all big retail format stores: Hamleys, Crossword, and Toy R Us.

You can also find us on online platforms: Amazon and FirstCry.

We accept direct orders for shipment within India and abroad.

All our toys are BIS and ASTM approved and meet all safety standards

What sets them apart?

  1. Committed to prioritizing excellence in quality and safety
  2. Pocket-friendly and budget-friendly offerings
  3. Different skill sets are promoted and fostered in every game.
  4. Games with a universal appeal, captivating people of all ages and backgrounds
  5. Crafted to be gender-neutral, suitable for all children
  6. Guaranteed (enjoyable) entertainment for the whole family
  7. High replay value